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One-On-One Coaching  Programs
(Scott is Available for Qualified Companies)


CEO Mentor Program – One on One with Scott via phone. Scott will help you with all aspects of your business –Marketing, Sales, Management, Time Management, Hiring/Firing decisions, capital expenditures, and more.

Leverage off Scott’s wealth of experience in building national companies. Scott have helped clients grow and manage growth.

* Qualifications: Must have at least $1M in revenues and be President or CEO Click Here To Apply

To sign up for CEO Mentor Program call 1-800-409-6626 / 847-462-5802 for more information and an application.

Business Coaching* – Two Interactive Meetings per month. You’ll be guided through the development of powerful marketing and sales systems that will drive up profitability and dramatically increase revenue, utilizing ALL the Business Growth technologies: The 12 month program takes you through four (4) Dynamic Phases:

Phase 1 – Rapid Profit Cash Flow – Scott will identify simple, easy to implement strategies and systems that will drive in profit almost immediately. These will include application of the Leveraging Your Success™ and ProfitNow™ technologies. Scott wants to first cultivate the “low hanging fruit” that will fund your growth and line your pockets. Generally, clients pay for our 12 month fees multiple time over during the first 60 days.

Phase 2 – Sequential Marketing™ - Building a New Client (patient) Acquisition Floodgate  - During this phase you will build a systematic program that includes a powerful sales presentation or story, and a 7-10 stage sequential marketing campaign - complete with powerful and compelling direct mailers, emails, telesales scripts and advertisements. You will follow the Sequential Marketing Series and the Power of ONE –Part 2 modules in this stage.

Phase 3 – Building Long Term, Profitability Maximizing Customer Relationships – In this phase you will implement systems that build strong customer loyalty so you cement in your revenue stream for years to come.

Phase 4 – Management Systems– In this phase you will develop the needed systems for better managing all aspects of your operations through all stages of growth. In addition, you will learn to manage your time more effectively and work on the activities and task you like and leave the rest to staff.

NOTE: Each coaching arrangement is unique. The above phases may be done in different order depending upon your needs. All programs include ALL Scott’s audio training programs.


*Requires CBA, Comprehensive Business Assessment & Profit Map Session's Prior to Coaching Program Launch

You must have at least $2M in revenue to work with Scott or $250,000 with certified coach, and be President or CEO Click Here To Apply

To sign up for Business Growth Premier Program call 1-800-409-6626 / 847-462-5802 for more information and an application. 

Power Day With Scott
(Very Limited Availability)

In this program Scott comes to your company and spends the entire day with you and your team. These dynamic brainstorming sessions culminates with specific action plans to focus on your greatest growth opportunities. Your team will be guided to produce results never before achieved in your organization.

Both immediate “low hanging fruit” opportunities and strategic opportunities are covered. The financial returns are off the chart in this program.
Typically your entire management team participates. The breakthroughs are transformational and Scott follows up to ensure ACTION is taken and results are achieved.

Hear from the world’s leading online handmade rug dealer Rugman.com’s, CEO describe The Power Day with Scott and how the ultimate impact is expected to exceed $50,000,000.

To sign up for Power Day With Scott call 1-800-409-6626 / 847-462-5802 for more information and an application or email info@bgdinc.com

Group Master Mind Coaching

In this program Scott personally works with 5 - 5,000 businesses that share the same vertical industry/market in a group-coaching format. These groups are typically made up of corporate owned enterprises with multiple locations, independent companies in the same industry that do not compete geographically, franchise locations and Network Marketing organizations.

Participants will learn how to apply Scott’s proven success systems and the best practices that the leading companies in their field use to dominate the market. This program can be customized to meet your unique business/industry challenges and objectives.

The program requires a minimum one-hour monthly commitment from all participants. In addition to learning Scott’s proven technologies, the best practices from leaders in your field this program delivers massive leverage and benefits from the groups’ collective experiences and enacts the power of the Master Mind*.

Our goal is to teach you and your fellow participants to implement tried and true programs into your business or practice.

When needed the development and availability of sales and marketing materials, presentations, power scripts, direct mail and related collaterals can be integrated for the entire group at an additional cost. Fees are based on group size and program requirements for more information contact info@bgdinc.com.

* The Master Mind Principle: two or more persons working together in complete harmony toward a mutual goal or goals…this generates more mind power and ideas than working alone – read Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for more information on the power of the Master Mind.



For more information on qualifying, please call 

1-800-409-6626 / 847-462-5802 email  info@bgdinc.com


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“I went into the business growth coaching program excited but a bit cautious.  I did not want to be in a position where I had to “sell” my patients but instead to continue my focus on treating patients. 

After just 30 days of coaching, we have implemented two programs that will produce over $275.000 in profits for my practice, based on actual results.  In addition I have had so many patient’s thank me for introducing them to these services, because they have helped so much"--Dr. George Fraudin, Pittsburgh, PA




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