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Predictable Marketing™ 

The Power Customer Acquisition System


How To Drive More Customers, Clients or Patients Through Your Door Than You Can Handle – SYSTEMATICALLY

All With Little Time, Money, Effort or Risk!


   Whether your business is a start up and has few customers, or you are an established business looking to expand your sales as your first priority, the Predictable Marketing – Power Customer Acquisition System provides you with a step-by-step method for SYSTEMATICALLY driving in new customers.

   I use the word SYSTEMATIC because this is what is missing for the vast majority of businesses that take a “point, shoot, aim” approach to marketing and sales.

   The fact is that marketing effectively is a science. It involves precise techniques, rules, and formulas that when followed produce a predictable result.


   Up until The Power Customer Acquisition System™, there was tons of literature on the subject of  “obtaining new customer ideas”. But 99% of you have difficulty transitioning these ideas into reality for YOUR business (that's why my schedule is, and has been for years, fully booked with companies that pay me $1,250 per hour to personally help them implement).

   The Power Customer Acquisition System™ provides a roadmap, in the precise order you must travel, and the detailed directions to ensure you produce predictable results.


Knowledge Is Not Power.
Applied Knowledge IS POWER!

   I have helped thousands of businesses launch and grow their businesses – all with little time, money, effort or risk. I also have built two companies that were ranked by Inc magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America (59th and 106th). I started with nothing; guerilla marketed my way to the top, and learned a thing or two (successes and failures) along the way.  I now I work with small business from around the world in over 150+ industries.

   In a hurry?

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Today’s Business Environment Demands

A Different Approach


    Today’s business environment is the most difficult in history for starting and growing a business. The new factors at work include:


 Major dominant companies entering traditional small business territory, as witnessed by Home Depot/Expo that carries granite, specialty bath finishes, kitchen cabinets, oriental rugs and so on – all traditional strongholds for entrepreneurs.


●  The success target for direct marketers has dropped from 2.0%, down to .3% (1/7 the results). Why? Because we are inundated with email Spam, direct mail, and telemarketing calls at a record pace. This means it has become 700% more expensive to convert prospects!


●  Savvy entrepreneurs are increasing at a staggering pace. More and more small business owners are attending seminars, reading books, and masterminding to get a winning edge. For those that fail to do so, it is the equivalent of an untrained athlete competing against Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.


●  More and more people are looking to start businesses, thus increasing the competition dramatically.


A Hand Full Of Vitamins And a Protein Shake

Is All It Takes?


   There is a success formula to consistently driving in new customers AND unfortunately most companies want the “magic pill”….but as they have found, it does not exist. You must lift weighs or exercise to build muscle. All the vitamins and protein shakes in the world will only cause to get fat and go to the bathroom frequently. 


   The fatal flaw with new businesses or in launching a new campaign is trying to skip the critical steps that are required to achieve predictable success. 


 The Success Formula Revealed


    In order to ensure new client, customer, or patient acquisition at an affordable rate, The Power Customer Acquisition System™ methodical guides you step-by-step:


  Create your Compelling Competitive Advantage That Differentiate You From Your Competitors And Gives You A License To Charge More Money!


  Learn The Secrets To Positioning Your Business As The ONLY "Logical Choice"


  How to compile your database, determine what to include in it, and how to use it as a profit making marketing weapon.


  How to Laser Target Market Your Best Prospects and How To Launch A Sophisticated marketing campaign following simple templates that teach you how to use several medium to get your message across.


  Plus, how to use the Power of Testing to find the winning formula without emptying your wallet.


  Then we will show you How to Use Compelling Incentives to Lure Business Away From Your Competitors!


  You’ll also learn the 8 Critical Elements of Every Communication (and be provided templates to guarantee you include all eight everytime!).


  Add to this a system for determining How, When, With What, In What Order, and How Often to contact prospects in order to convert them to customers.

   Our brief journey together will be all about producing measurable, lasting results. It is not just about strategy but instead about application and implementation.

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The Program Outline
Session 1

"Creating Competitive Advantages to Differentiate You from Your Competitors"

   This is part one of the most important business planning you will ever do differentiating your business from your competitors is critical in avoiding "ruinous competition" (caused by competing on price) and enabling you to thrive in any economy.


   You must be able to clearly communicate why a prospect should select you over your competitors. This requires getting clear on your primary competitive advantages, and modifying these if necessary to meet the needs of your target audience.


   In this module, we will guide you to identifying exactly what your prospects want, it 6 critical benefit categories and show you how to meet these needs. We provide several simple methods for getting your customers and prospects to see you as superior to all your competitors.

Session 2

"Creating a Compelling Competitive Advantage

to Make Your Business The Logical Choice"

   This is part two of the most important business planning you will ever do. Finding the right "market position", based on your competencies and customer/prospect needs, is the single biggest advantage a company can have.


   In addition, you must ensure that you have the systems in place (your supporting business model) to “walk your talk” and consistently deliver your promised benefits. In this session, we will help you find your Compelling Competitive Advantage that will make you The Logical Choice in your customer’s minds – and “walk your talk”.

Session 3

"Reduce Your Cost of Acquiring New Customers by 50%-80% Through the Use of a Laser Marketing System™ "

   Once you have clarity on your compelling competitive advantages, you must now determine your PinPoint Targeted Prospects™. Today, marketing success requires repetition.


   However, most businesses stop their marketing and sales efforts long before they have a chance to work. Repetition is costly and therefore small businesses must focus their efforts and dollars on the highest quality prospects, which have the highest probability of becoming loyal customers.


   Many businesses waste enormous time and money trying to convert low value, low probability, and low quality prospects.  . In this session, you will learn how to pinpoint your best prospects and then concentrate your marketing efforts so you can afford the

repetition that will guarantee success.

Session 4

"How to Use The Power of Compelling Incentives to Lure Your Prospects Away From Your Competitors"

   Now as you have crystallized your competitive advantages and determined your precise target prospects, what tools are you going to use to communicate your message to win them as customers?


   Gaining the opportunity to demonstrate your target prospects the advantages of doing business with you is perhaps the number one key to winning new customers. In this session, we will teach you how to motivate prospects to take advantage of your offers, and then convert them into long-term loyal customers.


   Plus, you will also learn six powerful ways to communicate your offer and the eight elements every communication must have to succeed.

 Bonus 1

The Ten Fundamentals of Marketing that Every Business Must Understand to Succeed  - Needed now more than ever! A critical tool to recession proofing your business! (a $200 Value)

A sample of what you will learn:


How to properly build your Power Database


How to test new marketing programs to save money and increase results dramatically


How to create and implement a 7 Step Follow Up sales/marketing machine


● How to find the hidden profits from existing customers


● The 8 critical elements every marketing communication must have


● 7 marketing channels, how to integrate them into a fully loaded arsenal and much more...

Bonus 2 The Six Must Steps to Successfully Implement Anything (a $200 Value)

   50% of businesses that Scott works with list the “inability to free myself up from day to day demands” as the #1 challenge they face.   

    Scott reveals, in detail, how he built his companies systematically following his universally applicable simple success formula.  Whether you want to ensure success of a new marketing system, implementing a management initiative or a simple internal procedure, these six steps at critical to both short and long-term results.

Bonus 3 Join Scott Live For Six Months – FREE (a $600 Value)

   Every month Scott meets with his personal coaching clients, who pay retainer fees of $30,000-$60,000 per year, in a mastermind Group conference call to get the latest marketing, sales and profit generating breakthroughs.

   As a special bonus, Scott has included six months of recorded calls that pertain to the exact modules that you receive in The Power Customer Acquisition System™. You will learn how these businesses successfully implemented these strategies, and overcame barriers.

   Plus, Scott included two very special guests segments that appeared with him on these conference calls to assist his clients' and you even further with this program.




Turbo Charging Your Results with Special Guest Chet Holmes

   The Author of Mega-Marketing and Super Consultant Speaks with Scott On a Live Conference Call About Resetting the Markets Buying Criteria, Your Dream 100 and Hiring Sales Superstars.




Building A Compelling Sales Story with Tom Shepard

   The 8 Steps to Building A Killer Sales Story That Will Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Results!


   This package includes 13 audio CD’s total and 1 CD with the transcripts and workshops.


   Over $1,000 in FREE Bonus Audio Sessions including Scott’s Live Coaching Calls from his Business Growth Coaching Program.  (On the Live calls Scott adds to the studio sessions, helps his client's live, expands with stories and examples to help you fully harness the power of each power growth strategy).


   Plus, he included The Ten Fundamentals of Marketing, The Six MUST Steps of Implementation and recordings of his Special Guest Chet Holmes and Tom Shepard.

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