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Scott Hallman Delivers Big Results

Chet Holmes (a leading Fortune 500 Consultant and author of Mega Marketing), Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerilla Marketing legend and top business author of all time), Jay Abraham (the world’s most expensive marketing consultant) and Joe Vitale (The “master” of online marketing), ALL call Scott Hallman “The Master of Implementation” Scott provides the crucial step-by-step “HOW TO” for companies, both big and small, that is required to produce massive new sales and profits increases all with little time, effort, money or risk.


“Savvy companies know when it is time to focus on time-tested, proven results-based, low risk marketing/sales methods...and nobody is better at implementing these strategies than Scott Hallman.”
--Chet Holmes, Top Fortune 500 Consultant and author of Mega Marketing, San Francisco, CA
Listen to an excerpt from a live call with Chet & Scott

“Scott I’ve written 31 books and you have made me feel like a failure because I have not addressed the simply, duplicatable profit strategies that you teach.”

--Jay Conrad Levinson
Founder of Guerilla Marketing

“I firmly believe that every business in America should own The Power of ONE program by Scott Hallman. It simply is a work of pure genius”

--Dr. Joe Vitale

The Author of way too many books to list here and the best selling Nightingale Connant program Outrageous Publicity
Listen to a live call with Joe Vitale & Scott Hallman

“Scott Hallman is the undisputed master of implementation. I highly recommend his system, if you want to turn great ideas into great profits".

--Jay Abraham, The World's Most Expensive Marketing Consultant


Listen to an introduction of Scott by Jay to 700+ business owners at a live event in Los Angeles, CA!

Scott has also conducted seminars with leading business growth trainers, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, and shared the stage with Michael Basch (Co-founder of FedEx), Brian Tracy, and Joel Christopher to name a few.
Michael Basch

Brian Tracy Joel Christopher
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