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Learn How Scott Helped These Very Different Companies 

Add $29,000,000 In New Profit Streams    

Rugman.com, The World’s Leading Online Persian And Oriental Rugs Dealer, Increased Unique Visitor “Conversion To Sales” Rate By Whopping 208% In Just 120 Days!

Rugman.com has cutting edge technology and the most advance site in their space. However, they lacked a SYSTEMATIC process for evaluating, measuring and methodically improving their business and marketing operations. Scott helped the Rugman Team to develop procedures for streamlining the visitors navigation through the site and ultimately through the check out process.

As a Premier Coaching client, Scott worked with the development and marketing team to nearly triple their revenue.

Hear Rugman’s CEO tell the story.

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How A Two-Attorney Bankruptcy Firm Has Added $97,000/month ($1.2M/Yr) with a NEW lead generation systems Scott developed, which cost under $100 per client (industry average is $300-$400)

”I am a managing director of a top law firm (#1 in our market) writing to tell you about a lead generation system that Scott Hallman developed for us that is producing an average of $97,000 per month in additional bankruptcy client revenue at a 85% profit. This “found” revenue is on top of the clients we generate from advertising heavily via newspaper, TV and radio.

In 13 years of practice we have never seen anything work so fast (like the old days in the early 90’s when the phones rang off the hook). In fact, they have been so successful that we cut our advertising budget in half and have been forced to hire an additional attorney to handle the clients!

We now are part of Scott’s exclusive Arbitrage Profit Club
where Scott and his Team are personally helping us license our “success system” to 163 other law firms across the country – It is worth millions to our firm.

Hear Ben Burney tell about the amazing results and how ANY business can duplicate his success using Scott’s system.  

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"How An Independent Pharmacy Tripled Profits And Now Is Profiting BIGTIME Teaching Others To Do The Same"

Allan Bunn of Bunn's Olde Tyme Pharmacy has built his business up to $2M per year working with Business Growth Dynamics. Unfortunately, continual cuts in healthcare reimbursements have eroded profits for Bunn and other independent pharmacies.

Scott helped Allan focus on highest profit opportunities for expansion. In the last several months, Bunn have built its "compounding" business (which has 80% profit margins) into a $100,000 per year profit stream.

Now Allan has joining Scott's Arbitrage Club and together they are licensing Allan's success systems to independent pharmacies, who earn $10,000-$25,000 per year in profit without any investment or effort. Allan expects to earn over $1 million per year with the successful rollout of this Arbitrage Club business.

Hear about Allan Bunn's success using Scott’s system.  


A Highly Successful Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctor Adds $650,000 To His Practice Profits By Implementing Scott’s “Leverage Your Success” System

Dr Lynn Hughes, MD had a very successful medical practice (twice the typical ENT). By simply deploying Scott’s Leverage Your Success™ technology to modify his successful physician referral process, he was able to produce massive measurable results the following week!

In fact, physician referrals skyrocketed 31% and have remained at this level for over 15 months!

Hear Dr Hughes tell about the amazing results and how ANY business can duplicate his success using Scott’s system.  

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Multiple Level Marketing ICON Increases Sales by 31% Using Scott's ProfitNow™ System

A highly successful MLM master distributor, with thousands of downline distributors, applied Scott’s techniques for increasing the average purchase size and the frequency of purchase. Starting with her top distributors, she was able to SYSTEMSATICALLY produce a 38% increase in sales.

Eileen Silva now has an ongoing Success University training program where she teaches the turnkey systems developed in Scott’s ProfitNow program.


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$1,200,000 In Added Profit With NO Investment
“In a single Workshop With Scott We Identified Over $100,000 Per Month in easy to cultivate profits”

”During the “Power Day With Scott” workshop, the team focused on one question - “What simple changes and improvements can we make to create incremental profit increases that can be easily implemented.

”Scott applied his ProfitNow™and Leverage Your Success™ systems to guide our team through an all day, power packed, creative explosion that ended with a hierarchied action plan. The results were almost immediate and completely quantifiable.

We realized an increase of $38,000 almost immediately and I fully expect as much as $200,000 per month once we complete the list”

Hear Scott interview Aslan Mirkalami, CEO who reveals his companies transformation with Scott

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Dying Industrial Equipment Sales Company Had To Reinvent Itself After Sales Dropped In Half

Apex Systems is a $3M equipment and machinery reseller to plastic molders. The recession, and increase competition from China, caused Apex’s sales and profits to erode rapidly.

With Scott’s help, Apex developed an online used equipment business that now is the #1 “Thermoset” Plastics Used Equipment provider in the US.

Apex now earns 400% more profit from selling a used machine vs. a new one!

Hear Taras Konowal, CEO tell about dramatic transformation (and how he now makes as must as made $100,000 profit in a single week!

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Explosive Growth In Highly Competitive Field

From 110 to 400 Real Estate Agents

Ultima Real Estate is one of the fastest growing Real Estate companies in Texas. They have a unique model that attracts successful agents that are looking for more money, as well as value added services that help them sell more effectively.

Following Scott’s New Client Acquisition system, included in his Power of ONE Business Growth Program, Ultima added an unbelievable 280 agents to its team.

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Instantly Generate $5,000- $25,000 By Getting Scott Special $5,000 Business Growth Report FREE (and qualify for one-on-one coaching session guaranteed to add $25,000 to your profits INSTANTLY)

Painter Let’s Others Send Her Business - Cost FREE!

A Strategic Alliance Success

Shirley Lee competes in a “man’s world”. Her painting company, California Works, had achieved “some” success from a few window and door manufacturers that occasionally referred a customer to her.

Shirley was part of Scott’s Business Growth Coaching Conference Call Program. This program was a Mastermind forum where participants discussed real-world applications of The Power of ONE™ program and Scott directed specific, actionable enhancements to each Business Growth Profit Module.

Shirley applied The Power of ONE “Strategic Endorsement™” Module to motivate the manufacturer reps to send business her way. This SYSTEM was so successful that Shirley was getting 71% of her business from manufacturer rep referrals!

Listen to Shirley Lee tell about her experience with “Strategic Endorsement™”

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Two More Business Success Stories That May Apply To You

$6M IT Consulting Company Adds $350,000 in Additional Business in 30 days

While other IT (technology) companies have either dwindled to nothing or went out of business, Micro Automation Systems has thrived, more than doubling business during the worst technology recession in history.

Following Scott’s “Power Implementation” Program, Micro systematized all key operations. This allowed them to focus on their greatest strengths and operate peak efficiency.

In addition, The CEO, Steve Reznikoff, followed The Power of ONE™ Module on “Expanding Purchase Patterns” to add $350,000 in addition revenue from existing clients in less than 30 days.

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General Practice Physician Adds $1 Million in Practice Profit With Two of Scott Strategies

Dr Emanual Obi, MD of FirstCare Medical utilized Scott’s Power of ONE™ - “Referral” Module to increase annual profits from referrals by $75,000 per year.

Additionally, Scott helped Dr Obi systematize his diagnostic procedures (ensuring patients get required test) following The Leverage Your Success™system. Dr Obi expects to add another $35,000 per year in profits that were literally “going down the drain”.

Since these two systems will continue to produce similar profits every year, the profits to the practice with exceed $1 Million over the next 10 years.

Listen to Dr Obi provide his perspective on how physicians dramatically increase profitability with little effort and NO cash.

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How New Consignment Model Adds $3.85 Million in Profit For Machinery Company


Apex is having a record year. Sales are up. Profits are up. And yet, Scott recently uncovered a small shift in business practices that required no investment, generating over $725,000 added profit per year (which will continue for years to come!).


The client implemented the change and closed two new large deals within the first week. Hear the CEO tell this amazing story.

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Small Business Marketing & Small Business Coaching with Scott Hallman Successful Entrepreneur

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